The National Library of Medicine.
The National Institutes of Health web-site.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention web-site.
The Institute for Healthcare Improvement web-site.
The Prevent Cancer Foundation of America web-site.
Today's Health pages.
Columbia Go Ask Alice!
The Center for Science in the Public Interest.
The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.
Successfully Diet at weightwatchers.com.

Watch your weight using these tools
  1. Calculate your Daily Points.
  2. Track daily your points with a blank Daily Points sheet.
  3. Use the Point Calculator to find the point value of a portion.
  4. Use the BMI calculator from NIH to find a good target weight goal.
  5. Canada's Food Guide from the Office of Nutrition Policy and Promotion.
Nutrition Databases from the USDA
The Nutrient Database for Standard Reference data files, also from the USDA
Cheaper Prescription Drugs from Canada Drugs Online
The Practical Guide to Meaningful Educational Travel
Wikipedia's clothing sizes chart.
The Nutrition Action Health Letter
The Vegetarian Society of Washington DC.
The Covid-19 data pages mostly from the CDC