Avoid the quizes and pop-ups at Google News and Newser.
Check your news source for bias at mediabiasfactcheck.com.
Cross border issues at International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and their blog.
Check the Freedom of the Press foundation for guidance no how to track and protect our press freedoms.
Free NY Times, Washington Post, etc at the Prince Georges County newspapers site and the DC Public library digital access website.
The New York Times newspaper, the New York Times Magazine, the Village Voice, and the Amsterdam News.
The New Yorker for good reviews, stories and opinions, etc.
The Guardian from the United Kingdom.
The Atlantic's Online Journal
Get news from every side at Ground .
Graydon Carter's Air Mail for downtown New York and beyond news.
The semafor.com global news trying to address trust and polarization issue.
Washington papers including
  1. the Washington Post,
  2. World news from the McClatchy DC Bureau.
  3. the Washington CityPaper,
  4. for news about the Hill.
  5. for political news Politico.
  6. The Center for Responsive Politics.
  7. for timely local news, WTOP.
Free thinking journalism from The Independent.
Or news from London at the The Times/The Sunday Times and the Financial Times.
News from EuroNews.
News from France24 english.
News from Business Insider where it's all about business.
New York magazine and The Cut for more good reviews, stories and opinions.
BuzzFeed.News for the latest buzz.
Rolling Stone for news about music, TV, movies, politics and more.
Democracy Now! a daily independent global news hour.
News aggregation by the Huffingtonpost.com.
Read the beast at the Daily Beast.
New media's great stories from Vox.com.
Read about the Criminal Justice System at The Marshall Project.
Check out Data Journalism at FiveThirtyEight.
News for Federal Workers from Federal News Radio.
The Los Angeles Times and the Los Angeles Sentinel.
The Chicago Tribune for the mid-west view and The Chicago Defender.
The Reuters News Service.
The Intercept
Current Affairs a magazine of politics and culture.
Talking Points Memo breaking news and analysis.
The Week Magazine with the best news stories from the week.
and from the left, The Nation.
OilPrice.com the number 1 source for Oil and Energy News.
World News Network with regional reports for around the world.
Wired Magazine
Tech at the NYTimes.
Motherboard tech by Vice News.
Get tech news from re/code.
Tech memes at techmeme.com a tech news aggregator.
In depth security news and investigation Brian Krebs and Schneier on Security (who published this article in 2014).
Technology Review from MIT.
Technology for higher education at Campus Technology.
News for Nerds at Slashdot.com .
Make stuff by Make magazine .
Free technical reading at techbooksforfree .
A great technical learning site Microsoft Build .
A website dedicated to Plain Language from the Center For Plain Language.
A list of online math textbooks here.
As seen on 60 minutes, Khan Academy series of math and concept tutorials.
As reading program for all students at CommonLit.
A learn at home resource from Scholastic.
Sites for learning and enjoying mathematics at Illustrative Mathematics and Zearn.
Video taped college lectures's at Academic Earth.
Open courses at the Open Education Global website.
Cultural and media courses at the Open Culture.
Microsoft Learning Tools Immersive Reader.
Stanfords's free online engineering courses.
MIT's online courseware.
Rice Universities free online educational material.
Five Universities use coursera software for putting online, University courses from Princeton, Stanford, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania and more!.
Four Universities use edX for putting online, University courses from MIT, Harvard, Berkley and the University of Texas and more in the future?.
A private online venture offering free courses at Udacity for Computer Science courses.
Technology news from digg.com.
OS news at osnews.com.
IBM's developer website.
Oracle's Oracle Magazine.
Linux newspaper at linuxtoday.com.
More distro news at distrowatch.com .
The Best source for computer news at O'Reillynet.
Slate Magazine
The Paris Review .
The Poetry Foundation.
Amazon Kindle for reading your books from your browser.
Project Gutenberg a library of over 60,000 free books.
News from the BBC News site in the UK.
The Wall Street Journal Newspaper
The Cleveland Plain Dealer online site.
The Chicago Tribune.
The Detroit Free Press.
The Miami Herald.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Atlanta Black Star.
Nearby Alabama news from AL.com.
The Economist, Englands Time magazine?
Time.com , Time magazine's online presence.
Newsweek Magazine
The National Interest an online magazine devoted to foreign policy and world politics
The Journal of Democracy from the John's Hopkins University and the National Endowment for Democracy.
The Boston Globe online.
The Orlando Sentinel.
The Baltimore Sun.
The Newport News Daily Press.
The Hometown Annapolis online newspaper.
Black News, Opinions, Politics and Culture from The Root.
The MoJo Wire, from the Mother Jones News .
The Onion, America's Finest News Source.
Editorials from McSweeney's
ABC news online
Cable News Network CNN online
America's Newspapers are listed at the Library of Congress Chronicling America site.
The World-Newspapers.com website.
See what's going on at NPR at WAMU.
Or listen to Pacifica Radio.
CSPAN broadcasts live on CSPAN radio.
Fox News broadcasts live on Fox News.
U.S. News and World Report Magazine
Forbes Magazine
Tech Central Station for technology news
New York Magazine
Bloomberg Business Week Magazine
The Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
The San Franciso Chronicle and San Francisco Examiner. Also a website called the SF Gate News
The San Jose Mercury News.
Even farther west is the Japan News Newspaper in Japan.
The Philadelphia Inquirer.
The Washington Business Journal
The Washington City Paper
The MSNBC Web Site.
USA Today Newspaper.
today.com the NBC network.
The Christian Science Monitor.
Reason Online for news and opinion from a dynamic, libertarian perspective.
The Discovery Channel Online
Information about Government Spending from the John F. Kennedy School of Government
Wright American fiction from U of Indiana (1752 texts online).
Taking the bite out of books at the textbook revolution.
The Online Page from the University of Pennsylvania.
Selected Abraham Lincoln speeches and writings.
Red Herring Magazine
Washington Technology Online from the Washington Post Company
The Register Magazines
Ziff Davis Publishing Magazines
MacWorld Magazine
PC World Magazine
TechWeb a CMP publication
Electronic Engineering Times Newspaper
Electronic Books at onlinebooks
Last, but not least, the ten commandments