The Institue for Operations Research and Management Science, Informs.
The Military Operations Research Society, MORS.
Applied Mathematical Programming, by Bradley, Hax, and Magnanti (Addison-Wesley, 1977). Industrial Engineer and Operations Research IEOR Tools.
Flowing Data for Analysts, Data Scientists, and Statisticians.
Google's Dataset Search.

Data resources of interest to Citizen Researchers
  1. The National Heath and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) home page.
  2. The American Community Survey data page from the Census Bureau and associated PUMS data.
Scientific American online.
SAS OnDemand for Academics including free online training..
Programming in R.
Programming R.
Mind the Gap! at Gapminder for a fact based world view.
The Network Enabled Optimization System wiki.
Spreadsheet Analytics from the University of San Francisco's School of Business and Professional Studies.
Publications from the American Association for the Advancement of Science at Science Online.
Scientific Journals at HighWire.
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE homepage.
The Financial Forecast Center is a service of Financial Forecast Center, LLC. FFC LLC is a small, privately owned Texas corporation located in Houston, Texas, USA..
The Math Forum from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
The Guide to Online schools.
The National Library of Medicine.
PubMed at the National Library of Medicine.
The New England Journal of Medicine.
An online tutorial Understanding Medical Words, a listing of word parts and listing of commmon medical abbreviations.
The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations (IFPMA).
A clinical trials listing service at Centerwatch.
Supercourse - Epidemiology, the Internet and Global Health
The National Library of Medicine's Gene Map of the Human Genome pages.
Check out PhysOrg.com for the latest in physics and technology news.
Air and Space magazine for the latest on Astronomy, Aircraft and Space.
The journal of Nature.
The journal of Nature Genetics.
The Linkage at Rockefeller University
Research Genetics.
The journal of Nature Biotechnology.
The journal of Nature Medicine.
The journal of Nature Structural Biology.
The Oak Ridge National Laboratory Site.
The Institute for Genomic Research TIGR now called the J. Craig Venter Institute.
The Genome Sequencing Center.
Molecular Biology Protocols on the World Wide Web.
The National Library of Medicine's Visible Human project.
The FDA's CDER Reference Guide.
How Stuff Works
The National Academy Press.
Do some thinking with the Great Thinkers.
RF Engineering resources at RFGlobalnet.