Free Unix resources
  1. Let's Encrypt for free SSL certificates (sponsored by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG)) and
    certbot.org from the Electronic Freedom Foundation
  2. Google's Password Manager for free personal password vault.
  3. FreeBSD Unix
  4. homepage and a site document Fresh Port for FreeBSD.
  5. OpenBSD for a security focused Unix and
  6. NetBSD for a portability focused Unix.
  7. Free Linux from Debian,
  8. CentOS, and
  9. Fedora.
  10. LibreOffice the Free Office Suite for Unix (and others).
  11. The Apache web server.
  12. The Zope web server.

Anything Linux at the Linuxtopia website.
Developer resources at IBM's Developerworks website.
Internet FAQ Archives
The Unix Guru Universe.
A computer programming book Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs by Abelson and Sussman.
The RFCs.

Hints on various computer details
  1. Details about server setups from server-world.info.
  2. Notes on dumping table definitions and data from MS Access files.
  3. Regular Expression info.
  4. SAS OnDemand for Academics supports free online training.
  5. Sample programs from the SAS Tutorials at SAS.com.
  6. SAS Technotes on Proc DBF and Proc DIF.
  7. SAS format statement American Community Survey (ACS) 1-year sample of 2010 (both person and household data).
  8. American Community Survey (ACS) pums files.
  9. ACS data dictionary pdf American Community Survey (ACS) 1-year sample of 2019.
  10. ACS data dictionary txt (used to make SAS format statement) American Community Survey (ACS) 1-year sample of 2019.
  11. The R Project for Statistical Computing.
  12. The rstudio IDE for R and the Shiny server.
  13. Go parallel and Master Spark with R, a free online book.
  14. A GREAT computer books site at bookdown.org, open license online data science books.
  15. A Big Book of R, for all things R.
  16. From Roasoft, Sample Size Calculator by Raosoft, Inc.
  17. From O'Reilly, Mastering R-Shiny
  18. Useful lp notes
  19. Useful graphing at ThingSpeak
  20. Open source math software at Sage. Meant to compete with expensive commercial math packages.

Interneting and Web pages via CSS and webstandards
  1. Interneting is hard, Friendly web development tutorials for complete beginners
  2. The w3schools web Primer including html pages
  3. Zen Garden, The Beauty of CSS Design pages
  4. maxdesign, CSS resources and tutorials for web designers and developers.
Become your own Telco with guidance at Personal Telco.
The O'Reilly Network's High Performance Web Development site at Radar.
The Apache modules web server and companion website to the O'Reilly Book.
Free Unix based fileserver software at the Samba homepage.
Documentation for Teradata Information Products
Toolkit for Oracle, TOra, download page.
Tool for Oracle Application Developers T.O.A.D. download page.
Free SQL database software at the MySQL homepage.
Open Source database software (taken from MySQL) at the MariaDB homepage.
Open Source Object Oriented Relational database software at the PostgreSQL homepage.
Configuration Management cross roads.
Linux homepage for PCs.
The Linux Terminal Server Project page.
UnixWorld Online Magazine
A Free C++ compiler for PC's cygwin with Unix roots...
A Free Source Code Library from devx...
Free books by Bruce Eckel's from ibiblio.org
The CodeGuru Site with free online books on C++ and STL.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center
The Mathworks homepage makers of MatLab
The Perl Institute
And the Perl.com site maintained by O'Reilly books
Books published by O'Reilly Associates
Computer Security Scanning software at Nessus and nmap.org.
IEEE Computer Society.
Pharmaceutical Industry SAS Users Group PharmaSUG.
Web Page Design for Designers?
The NCSA web site.
The World Wide Web Consortium.
The XML.org website.
The PHP Hypertext Preprocessor page.
A handy lookup reference feature and the PHP Knowledge Base
Open Source apps using PHP at horde.org.
Getting started with PHP at PHPBuilder.com.
The Free Software Foundation's GNU web site.
The All Things Distributed home page.
WEB tutorial were the best things are free.
SOAP tutorial were the best things are free.
Oracle Hardware
TK/TCL Scripting pages.
IBM Technical Support site.
IBM's AIX Support site.
Expect archive at NIST
Standard ML website
HP Hewlitt Packard support pages.
The Original Mac Upgraders Geek Boutique! at Mac Gurus Homepage
Perkin-Elmer Applied Biosystems
Oracle Corporation
Steven Feuerstein's PL/SQL Site
Oracle Magazine
Filemaker, Inc's Filemaker page
The InterNIC's Resources for the Internet